Our Story

Mimi May, the visionary behind MAEVE Brand, blends science and nature to redefine skincare. An aromatherapist and herbalist, Mimi's holistic journey began with her daughter's birth, deepening when a customer sought organic spa products.Rooted in a belief in 100% Natural, Non-toxic, Vegan Ingredients, Mimi rejects synthetic elements for organic healing—both personal and planetary. Nature Aid stands out as its manufacturer, crafting small-batch, top-quality products in their Cleveland lab.For Mimi, skincare is more than formulation; it's a love-infused process. Embracing Concentrated Formulas over Fillers, each ingredient serves a therapeutic purpose, free from synthetic clutter. Nature Aid's ethos is concise: pristine skincare that marries purity, transparency, and Mimi's unwavering commitment to transformative, nature-driven relief.

My obsession with science and nature

Concentrated Formulas over Fillers

We meticulously choose each ingredient in our product for its therapeutic benefits. It is important to consider that when you purchase a pain cream or lotion, you're essentially paying for a high water content, usually constituting around 90% of the product. In contrast, our salve comprises 100% active ingredients, delivering a stark contrast to commercial pain creams that typically contain a mere 2-5% active ingredients, diluted by a significant 90% water to achieve a creamy texture. Put differently, a single container of our salve contains as much or even more active ingredients than what you'd find in forty ounces of other pain creams available in the market.

Manufacturing Matters

While countless brands share manufacturing facilities, or contract packers, we take a different approach for many reasons. We are entirely self-reliant, overseeing every step of formulation and production. Each product is crafted in limited quantities within our Cleveland lab, with ingredients personally sourced to ensure exceptional quality, from Extra Virgin Olive Oil to our glass containers. Most importantly, we are able to infuse our product with love and healing throughout production.

100% Natural, Non-toxic ingredients

The term "natural" lacks regulation, leading many companies to use it for marketing. Sadly, some "natural" products contain harmful ingredients. Our commitment is to exclude synthetic and potentially toxic substances from everyday products. Natural ingredients not only promote better overall health by being skin-friendly but also deliver visible and immediate results. We prioritize 100% natural ingredients in our dedication to organic healing for both ourselves and the environment.

Nature treasures and transparency

Our formulations incorporate over 75 botanical treasures, from familiar pantry staples like organic olive oil to exotic gems like sea buckthorn and prickly pear. We not only list every ingredient but also provide education on why that ingredient is perfect for that particular formulation.Unlike many skincare brands, we don’t simply slap our label on someone else’s product. We’re dedicated to quality and transparency, adhering to strict production standards and rigorous third-party testing. From seed to shelf, our process ensures purity, with certificates of analysis for every step.While our product offerings may evolve, our unwavering commitment to healing remains. As one of Ohio’s few Certified Hemp Processors and Retailers, we maintain a steadfast mission: providing you with the safest, most transparent products available.

100% Natural, Non-toxic Ingredients

We are our own Manufacturer

Concentrated Formulas over Fillers